Play for patterns to win gadgets & 300,000 Diamonds!

When life gets a little static, I like to pump up the action with a cool tournament! After all, there’s nothing like a little healthy competition to raise your spirits, don’t you think, roomies? Hunny’s always telling me that there’s no need to compete against others to have fun, but I guess being a winner just comes naturally to me – whether I have any competition or not.

Come play in my Leaderboard Twister Tournament from today until Tuesday, July 7th!

All you need to do to play is Bingo on the iPad pattern as many times as you can! Every time you do, you’ll earn 1 point on the Leaderboard!

This is shaping up to be one twister of a ‘Patterns for Prizes’ Tournament, as the top 10 Bingo-ers will win 30,000 Diamonds each! But, here’s the twist!

1st place on the Leaderboard will win an iPad Mini!

5th place on the Leaderboard will win a HD Fire Tablet!

10th place on the Leaderboard will win an iPod Nano!

These summer-sized gadgets will help keep you entertained on the go! You could even play Bingo on the beach with a new iPad or HD Fire Tablet – there’s no better feeling than Bingo-ing with the wind in your hair, right?

Keep an eye on that Leaderboard and plan your wins ahead just right so that you win one of these galvanizing gadgets, as well as the 30,000 Diamonds!

Get Bingo-ing now to win gadgets and to share in 300,000 Diamonds!

GL, roomies!

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