November sets off with a bang! Fireworks and jackpots!

Boom, whizz, bang! That’s not just the fireworks, people – that’s the sound of my awesome prizes landing with the jackpot winners of Sunny’s Fireworks this week! Congratulations to our five daily winners who took home party time and kitchen treats.

But it’s not just our list of winners that is soaring. Record temperatures in the UK have meant that this is the hottest November on record!  Who’d have thought that Blighty was beating Barcelona in the warm weather stakes?

Don’t worry if it’s foggy and raining though, because it’s always sunny at Costa and I’ve got another month of excellent prizes and promos to keep you feeling bright.

Along with our regular daily bingo games and slots, I’ve got a great new game that is sure to get your vote. Play The Strictly Factor and whatever number you bingo on will be multiplied by a factor of £20. So if you get a full house on the number 75, the jackpot becomes £1,500!

You’ll get free cards to the game every time you deposit £20 so you could take the JP for free! Cards can also be bought from the Bingo Lobby for £5 or in the Diamond Store for 10 Diamonds. It’s going to be a nail biting final for sure with all eyes on the cards! The Strictly Factor plays on 12th November at 9:30pm.

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