Learn bingo calls with the Costa Bingo Lingo videos!

Hiya Roomies! At Costa Bingo we know just how much fun our players have calling out the bingo nicknames for each of the numbers that come up during a game, but remembering them all can be a bit of a struggle as there’s ninety of them to get your head around.

So, what we’ve done is come up with a bit of video bingo fun, where we’ve asked a bunch of avid bingo fans to recreate the scene of the famous bingo calls themselves!

Let’s give you an example. For number 57 (Heinz Beanz) a bingo fan could film themselves in a bath of baked beans shouting out the number ‘57’ and the nickname ‘Heinz Beanz’! We all know what eating baked beans does for your digestion so let’s just hope that there’s no unpleasant surprises eh?

You’ll just have to wait and see if that’s the video for 57 or not, as it could be any number of funny situations that turn up on our YouTube channel over the coming months. One thing’s for sure, no two videos will be the same and it’ll be a whole lot of fun seeing them appear.

We’ll be publishing new videos each week for you to watch, laugh at and enjoy with your bingo buddies. You’ll get a chance to vote for your favourites using the sharing buttons and we’ll even compile a vid of all of ‘em once the 90 days are up. Best of all, it will help you remember all of the nicknames so you’ll have no trouble shouting them out for yourself next time you play!

Learning all the bingo lingo with Costa Bingo is going to be a real sinch with our funny videos. So keep an eye on the Costa Bingo blog as we’ll be publishing the first very soon! You’ll be able to keep track of all the latest bingo call videos on Twitter too, just look for the hashtag #costabingocalls. Feel free to send us your own creations!

So get ready because everything from Kelly’s Eye to the Top of the Shop is about to get the Costa Bingo video lingo treatment!

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