Join Sunny’s 6th birthday celebrations & play for more than £140,000 through July!

Hey roomies! It’s my birthday! We’re gonna party like it’s my birthday – all month long!

It feels like yesterday that I was a young Bingo mascot, shy about making new buddies and finding my way around. Well, now I’m shining brighter than ever, with Hunny and the lovely Mel B by my side, and I feel like a supernova – just thank your lucky stars I’m not quite that hot.


Time sure does fly when you’re having a blast, so let’s not stop now! I’ve got a full month of events for you, roomies, where I’m dishing out more than £140,000 and 300,000 Diamonds in total!

Best of all – five out of the six promotions I’ve planned are free for funded roomies!

You’ll be able to play for free for 9 days – aside from the regular free Bingo rooms and games, of course! And, one lucky roomie will Bingo his or her way to getting a brand new car! I really can’t wait to see who wins!

You’ll also be able to prove your trivia knowledge in my Birthday Quiz! It’s free to play, and, if you’re quick to draw, you can access another 36,000 Costa Points on my Facebook Quiz! Make sure to check my Facebook page every day from July 17th! I’ll randomly ask 6 trivia questions, and the first 6 roomies to answer correctly (whilst including their username in the comment – this is essential) will win 1,000 Costa Points each!

Are you ready to hear the best thing about July, though…?

I’m setting up a free game where you can share up to £100,000 real cash! As each player can only have 1 card, this really could be anyone’s game, but you only have a chance if you play for it!

Remember to check all promotion terms on the relevant Promotions page to find out all details including dates, times and how to get free cards for the games!
I’m going to make this a birthday month to remember! Are you with me?

GL, roomies!

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