How much do you remember from the past 6 years? Enough to win a share of 100K Diamonds…?

Time sure does fly when you’re having a blast with your Bingo buddies… don’t you think? I’m already 6 years old, roomies, and some of you have been here with me for the long haul. That being said, how much do you remember from the past six years? Think your trivia knowledge is extensive enough to win you a share of 100,000 Diamonds?

My Birthday Quiz has been going for a few days now, but you still have time to answer all my 6 questions, so that you can share some of the 300,000 Diamonds I’ve set aside as prizes! Just imagine the kind of shopping spree you could have in the Diamond Store with that kind of credit….

All funded roomies get to answer my Birthday Quiz questions and win Diamonds for free! That means you only need to have made one deposit on Costa Bingo to earn free participation in the Quiz. See, funded roomies get so many more perks and freebies, and all it takes is one top-up!


Have you won any Costa Points in my Facebook Quiz yet?

Two of my six Facebook Quiz questions have already been posted! And, every time I post a new question, the first 6 roomies to write a comment on the post with the correct answer and their username / alias win 1,000 Costa Points each!

I’m dishing out 36,000 Costa Points on Facebook until July 26th! How many points can you take home?

GL, roomies!

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