Have you ever thought about what type of Bingo player you are?

You might be an old fashioned grab your bingo marker player. Alternatively, you might be more of a social bingo player that loves to make new friends while perfecting your bingo skills. Our interactive infographic will let you know which type of bingo player you are.

Either way, all bingo players are united by their love of one thing….the game itself!

Online Bingo has been growing in popularity steadily over the last decade, with millions of different players across the UK now taking part in the craze each and every day.

But have you ever really thought carefully about the type of player you are? If you are an aggressive player then it might be a good idea to analyse your approach and see if it is worth holding back every now and again.

However, you might be a social player who is looking to add a new edge to their game as well.

Either way it could be great idea to take a closer look at what type of bingo player you are. You never know, it could lead to more success in the future!

Eyes down…. it’s time to play bingo!


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