Get cool prizes for free in Sunny’s 6th Birthday Blow-Out!

I always get nostalgic when my birthday comes rolling around… don’t you? I start thinking about the past 6 years and how you’ve stuck by me, roomies – even before my darling Hunny came into the picture! You’ve hung around with me for so long, I just wanted to make sure that you feel special! With that in mind, I’ve decided to throw you 6 free games, one in the honour of each of the years I’ve been around for!

All of my 6th Birthday Blow-Out games are free to play for funded roomies! I’m giving away some fantastic prizes, worth £1,000 cash in total!


As always, you can always choose to take the cash alternative if you don’t like my picks! I do hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve chosen out for you, though! Enjoy – there’s a present in there for every one of the 6 years we’ve spent together having fun!

GL, roomies!

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