Sunny Goes Costa Crazy on Friday Nights with our £10k Free Jackpot Game

What is your favourite day of the week? I love Friday nights because they are Costa Crazy nights! All you roomies will know that Costa Crazy is of course my biggest regular guaranteed jackpot game, where I give away £10,000 in real cash prizes – and all cards are free, meaning everyone can join in the free bingo fun.
I invented my Costa Crazy game as a way to spread the sunshine just before the weekend, so all my roomies have chance to enjoy a brighter and sunnier start to Saturday!

You can easily find my Costa Crazy room in the Super Jackpots tab where cards are available to collect for free. The fact my Costa Crazy game is free means all roomies can play with the maximum number of cards possible for the best chances of winning. You can head to the Super Jackpots tab right now and collect your 6 free cards for Friday night’s next big game.

Costa Crazy is my favourite jackpot game not only because of the massive jackpot prize, but also because of all the fun and banter. With so many free cards available, more roomies than ever can join in the action and the chat rooms are bursting with happy campers dabbing their way towards a share of the hot £10K!

75 ball bingo games are great fun and I love the patterns, but 90 ball bingo games have a charm all of their own with three winners for each jackpot – I really like to give prizes to as many roomies as possible so I made Costa Crazy a 90 ball game to give all my roomies three chances to win a prize.

Of course, all of us love Friday nights because the weekend has just begun! Now we are heading into summer, the weekend for me means trips to the coast to enjoy some sun, sea and sand, a barbecue in the garden and drinks with friends. And what better way to welcome the weekend than a game of 90 ball bingo and a chance to win a share of £10K?

Collect your free cards now for my next Costa Crazy game and enjoy a sunny start to your weekend!

Please note that Costa Crazy is only available for players who have deposited in the last 7 days so make sure you top up your balance to join the Costa Crazy action.

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