Can you master the Bingo Factor?


The last month of summer always gets me thinking about the beginning of the school year… And for some reason I always seem to get a strange hankering to do math – at least until I actually open a math book and start looking at it more carefully, that is…

In the end roomies, the way I see it the best math is the math of winning, and that was the inspiration for my Bingo Factor games this August! My games will play on August 6th, 8th, 10th, 13th & August 16th, and cards to each game only cost 2p each! That said, you’ll get a chance to win as much as £70 real cash in every game!


Curious as to how it works?

It’s easy! To win the most, you need to have a big Bingo Factor, which can get as high as 7! Your Bingo Factor is simply the first digit in the number you Bingo with! So if you manage to Bingo on 70 or more, you’ll win £10 x 7 = £70 real cash!

That’s the math of winning I’m talking about – join in the fun! I’m dishing out £350 real cash, and you can win it all for just pennies – can you master The Bingo Factor?

GL, roomies!

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