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won a digital SLR and took a pic of his puppy Charlie



named her iRoomba that she won Ronnie and the pair are now inseparable!

The 23rd November is National Fibonacci day!

I love numbers. 1 – 90 are my favourite! Another famous guy that liked numbers is Leonardo of Pisa – or Leonardo Fibonacci. The 23rd November is a national day of recognition created in his honour.

Fibonacci was born around 1170 in Italy and lived until the 1240s. He is credited with leading Europe to switch from Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, V etc.) to the digits we use today.
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Friday 13th – Not Unlucky for Costa bingo-ers!

The superstitious among you may be rubbing your lucky rabbit’s foot or tossing salt over your left shoulders to ward off bad luck as Friday 13th comes again.

There is no concrete evidence as to why people fear the date and day combination so much, but like many superstitions, it has become ingrained in Western culture.

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November sets off with a bang! Fireworks and jackpots!

Boom, whizz, bang! That’s not just the fireworks, people – that’s the sound of my awesome prizes landing with the jackpot winners of Sunny’s Fireworks this week! Congratulations to our five daily winners who took home party time and kitchen treats.

But it’s not just our list of winners that is soaring. Record temperatures in the UK have meant that this is the hottest November on record!  Who’d have thought that Blighty was beating Barcelona in the warm weather stakes? Read More…