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won a digital SLR and took a pic of his puppy Charlie



named her iRoomba that she won Ronnie and the pair are now inseparable!

Join Sunny’s 6th birthday celebrations & play for more than £140,000 through July!

Hey roomies! It’s my birthday! We’re gonna party like it’s my birthday – all month long!

It feels like yesterday that I was a young Bingo mascot, shy about making new buddies and finding my way around. Well, now I’m shining brighter than ever, with Hunny and the lovely Mel B by my side, and I feel like a supernova – just thank your lucky stars I’m not quite that hot.

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Play for patterns to win gadgets & 300,000 Diamonds!

When life gets a little static, I like to pump up the action with a cool tournament! After all, there’s nothing like a little healthy competition to raise your spirits, don’t you think, roomies? Hunny’s always telling me that there’s no need to compete against others to have fun, but I guess being a winner just comes naturally to me – whether I have any competition or not.

Come play in my Leaderboard Twister Tournament from today until Tuesday, July 7th!

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Stirrup the action with Sunny in Racy Bingo games!

This isn’t something to horse about with, roomies, Ascot is almost here! I’m so excited for the big race, that I just couldn’t resist putting my running shoes on and giving it a run for the money as well! I’ve got 2 days of fast-paced games coming your way, starting tomorrow! Win a guaranteed £15 CASH JP in every game!

Here’s how it’s going to work: Racy Bingo games will play every night for 1 hour, and cards will cost only 5p each! Even better, there’s a 6-card maximum which applies to all the games!

That means that you can play with MAX CARDS and take home the whole £15 REAL CASH pot, having only spent £0.30 on cards!

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Let Sunny set you up with £1,500 for your summer holiday!

The summer heat is gaining on me, roomies, and I still haven’t decided where Hunny and I will go on holiday this summer! It’s just so difficult to find common ground sometimes, you know? I’m more interested in adventure holidays and I’d like to go cliff-jumping, paragliding and trekking through the wild!

Hunny, on the other hand, would rather take the time to relax in a luxurious summer retreat, and delve deep into a stunningly relaxing array of spa treatments… it’s just so hard to reconcile what both of us want to do sometimes!

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Sunny’s giving away £20,000 in his exclusive It’s Just Costa game!

Hey roomies! Now that my best Bingo buddy Mel is back, it’s really made me think about loyalty, friendship and appreciation for all I have! I’m so lucky to count you as my friend, and so is Mel! I know that there are a lot of Bingo websites out there vying for your attention with one gimmick or another. And, they may throw fancy graphics at you and they may overwhelm you with messages, but I’m so glad to see you coming back to Costa Bingo time after time!

I consider myself a very lucky sun indeed to count you as my friends, and I’ve decided it’s high time to show you just how much you mean to me! To do that, I’ve put together a very special 75-ball game only for Costa Bingo players! You’ll get a chance to play for a spectacular £20,000 real cash jackpot in my special It’s Just Costa game!

That’s right! I’m going to double my regular Crazy Costa payout for you! Wowzers – that’s what I call a nice chunk of change!

But roomies, I’m not done! You know I like to treat you and surprise you in any way I can, so I’ve decided to go a step further and give you free cards for my It’s Just Costa game! Just drop by the Lobby between the 5th and the 28th of May to get your free cards, and get ready for the big rumble on May 29th!

I want to make sure that all of my favourite roomies get an equal chance playing for the big £20,000 real cash jackpot, so I’ve decided to only allow max 6 cards per player for this big game!

I’ve knocked out the competition for you, by making this an exclusive game for Costa Bingo roomies, and I’m giving you all your cards for free for this wowzer of a game – now it’s up to you to win it!

GL, roomies!

Sunny xo