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won a digital SLR and took a pic of his puppy Charlie



named her iRoomba that she won Ronnie and the pair are now inseparable!

Sunny celebrates Halloween with Mel B at Costa Bingo

Hi, roomies!

Are you looking forward to Halloween this year?! I sure am! Every year on 31st October, me and my girlfriend Hunny host a very special Halloween party. We go all out on the food, the decorations, the games, and even our costumes! This year I’m going as… you guessed it – a pumpkin! All I need to do is paint myself orange and wear a little green hat – easy-peasy! Hunny will be going as a cat I expect; she wouldn’t be seen dead as a pumpkin! Read More…

Sunny glams it up at London Fashion Week

Costa Bingo Get the look!

Hi roomies!

Guess where I am this week! Only mingling with top models, celebrities and fashion designers at the world’s biggest fashion event – London Fashion Week! Yep, I have front row seats to watch all those glamorous men and women saunter down the catwalk wearing all manner of chic designer outfits and accessories! It really is an eye opener! Actually, I once dabbled in the idea of becoming a catwalk model, but I think I’ve always been a bit too much on the rotund side for that unfortunately… so I decided to become a bingo mascot instead! Read More…

Costa Bingo has The X Factor fever

Hi, roomies!

So, the new series of The X Factor is in full swing with our good pal Mel B as the new judge… and what a first episode it was! It certainly didn’t fail to impress, with the usual mix of weird and wonderful contestants, all with varying degrees of singing ability…! Well, we sure have gone X Factor crazy here at Costa, and we’re bringing you not one, but THREE X-citing X Factor-themed promos – Get Xtra, The Costa Factor and X Factor Slot Mania! There’s so much to be won in all three of these promos, including £500 cash, a celebrity makeover worth £1000 and up to a further £100,000 real cash! That’s right! Read More…

BingoLingo trend sweeps the nation thanks to Costa Bingo!

Can you call all 90 nicknames for bingo numbers? Chances are, beyond the famous ones like Two Fat Ladies (88) and Legs (11), you might struggle with a lot of the “bingo lingo.”

Well never fear, because help is at here! Costa Bingo fans from across the UK have come to the rescue with a handy video of the 90 #costabingocalls acted out in crazy ways – who could Ask For More (34!)?

We think the creative and funny ways bloggers have represented the bingo calls are just Tickety-boo (62!) and we think you will as well.  Grab a cuppa and click play.

Roomies, can you do better? Create your own bingo lingo video and tweet us using the #costabingocalls hashtag. Have fun!

We’re bonkers about bingo!

Here at Costa Bingo, we’re bonkers about the game. From the beloved bingo lingo, to the thrill and excitement of being the first to mark off your card – it’s no wonder the game has stood the test of time. The origins of the game are somewhat hazy, but we’ve taken a look back through history to give you a snapshot. Here’s how bingo has shaped itself from the lotteries of Italy to modern day online bingo at Costa Bingo. Read More…